Saving and Investing Just Got Sexy

Saving money is boring.  Why?  Seeing banks offer a return on investment equal to one tenth of one percent, or maybe one percent for a Certificate of Deposit is enough […]

One-and-Done Real Estate Investing

What is the hardest part of buying real estate? There is much to do on the path to property ownership: Finding a property to purchase Completing due diligence and verifying […]

Real Estate Crowd Fund vs. REIT 

The use of crowdfunding purchase real estate is a new class of investment.  The objective is to create a more direct line of investment and level of transparency between the […]

Real Estate’s Best Kept Secret

Real Estate’s best-kept secret is no secret at all; that long-term ownership provides significant financial rewards.  Why call this a secret?  Because so few people take advantage of having income from […]

That Building? Yea, I Own That

What could be better than saying “Yea, I own that building” -to the amazement of your friends- as you walk or drive down a street in your city? Then back […]

When Bad Buildings Happen to Good People

When bad buildings happen to good people you can bet the reasons fall into one of the following categories; wrong people, wrong property, wrong paper.  Real estate investing requires knowledge […]